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Inspiration? Ahah!

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Dad dancing

Michael Vaughan on Strictly Come Dancing twitter verdict “Dad dancing! ” says Chrissie . “ did you just see that? Oh my god Hilarious” says Darren Gough. “Mum says that Vaughany’s dancing reminds her of Woody from Toy Story! ” tweets Rachel…

Dodgy dancer

Michael Vaughan on Strictly Come Dancing?  A preview here – don’t think I’d bet on him winning…

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IT Vaughan

Andrew Flintoff tweets “Listen to @VaughanCricket banging on ! He’s the male Tara Palmer Tomkinson , he’s become an IT boy” Frightening image..



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Ryan’s boxers

Ryan Sidebottom tweets “@vaughancricket says my boxers are bad. Will tweet a pic soon to prove him wrong!”  Think they’re lovely…

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My dear old thing

15/12/2010 1 comment

Michael Vaughan tweets “Looking forward to @stuartbroad8 joining TMS this week… He has bought a Dickie bow … The new Blowers…”

Mine’s a babycham..

A tweet from Andrew Flintoff “‘I’m starting with newcastle brown ale in respect of big harmy tetley-hoggy brains-jones cider-tres babysham-vaughan bomber-gough …

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