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Underwear for gentlemen

“Winter is getting closer… Long johns on today .. With a nice old fashioned vest…” tweets Michael Vaughan.  After his sideways look at the inhabitants of London earlier in the week – perhaps a marketing opportunity?

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24/08/2010 3 comments

“Something strangely enjoyable about jedward!…” tweeted Michael Vaughan…

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Same old after match party

Ripped off another philip brown pic…

Pretty in Pink

Michael Vaughan pours scorn on Aggers’ fashion sense – just not on you know…

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Rumours are that rain in the Windies could damage Michael Vaughan’s expensive hair weave.  The answer?

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That arbiter of gentlemen’s fashion, Michael Vaughan and a squawk of a tweet from Jimmy A on the subject of Broad’s musical taste…

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Hair raising

Saw this in the   Wisden Cricketer email so you know it’s true – MPV finds his inner Warnie

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First signs of dissension

hat arguement

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vaughan's autobiog

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