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One foot…

I hear from Pam Nash, redoubtable tweeter, that a remake of an old BBC favourite is being made ……

Aggers’ mam

A cross Aggers tweets ” Late going. What’s going off in that control tower? My old man could sort out Heathrow in her pinny etc…….can’t wait till Tuesday” and then adds “er. Was mam. Damn predictive text”

Thanks to miriam for the idea!

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Aggers off to Benidorm?  Is Boycott with him?  Still – push pineapple, shake the tree..


TMS Marx

Mike Liddle on twitter produced a splendid shop of Aggers &the newly doctored Phil Tufnell as the 2 doctors – giving rise however to the thought “Harpo Agnew”.  And so..












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3 Little Maids

Couldn’t resist this exchange on Twitter…

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16/06/2011 1 comment

You’ve heard this perhaps   and you should see this


Tom Shaw, snapper to the stars tweets “you dont get any egos on sky. Nasser, Beefy.. rather than Aggers in TMSs “Are You Being Served” Ooo-er misses seaside toilet humour?

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Top man

Much cheered by the headline that Jonathan Agnew is to become the new boss of Virgin Money (but glad I don’t bank with them)

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Skates on

“Grey overcast morning in Adelaide – but no rain at the moment. Play starts half hour early – 2330 GMT. Better get my skates on” tweets Jonathan Agnew (who is also on a campaign to ensure moobsarehistory)

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That’s the way to do it

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Nurse! The screens!

Aggers has been sadly tweeting of man-flu.  Help is at hand..

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