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Beavis and Butthead live

I do hope that Ravi Bopara remembers to lock his door this tour…

all new beavis n butthead


Turned out nice again

The most excellent weekly  Sportsbadger  contains the quote from Joe Root ” “I thought about trying my hand at playing a musical instrument and this ukulele was the first thing that jumped out at me.”  I even imposed the Formby teeth on our Joe, but couldn’t bring myself to leave them in…


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Return of the Mummy

“The Mummy is such a junk film, but I’m going to sit here with my carrot and houmous dip and watch all 125 minutes of it… ” tweets Alex Hales.. Hmm,  Have only played the game not seen the movie.  Still – reunite the Las Vegas mob and I’d give it a go…



Re the pre vious Hoddle and Waddle  transformation shop  – the mullet – hideous! Even Joe and Gary can’t pull it off!


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All new Diamond Lights

“Joe Root mulls over a ukulele-led Waddle & Hoddle-style duet with his best mate Gary Ballance” tweets All Out Cricket re a v excellent article from last month’s mag.  Well quite. A quick dye jog, some mullet styling, the blouson jacket and  his little ukulele in his hand…

new diamond lights

Choices! Choices!

Really can’t decide on knitwear for Joe Root..     Patterned?  (but looks like he has to wear a corset for the nipped in waist)





or this tasteful canary and cravat outfit (camera and bouffant hair optional)



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Anchors away

Good news.  Jade Dernabach, Gary Ballance, Joe Root and Alex Hales have found Ben Stokes in Vegas and are now involved in a British pilot for an American classic…


Yorkshire Blue Brothers

Joe Root and Gary Ballance are in Las Vegas on a Mission from God…

yorkshire blues brothers

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See that Alex Hales and Jade Dernbach are taking lead roles in the latest remake from Las Vegas…


What could go wrong?

” So it’s & Ballance on the gas in Vegas” tweets James Morrison.  My money’s on a film remake.  What could possibly go wrong?