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King Cricket VII

15/03/2015 2 comments

Have been puzzling over which English King Alex Bowden reminds me of.  Seeing his face gracing the Mumbai Mirror I realise he’s a slightly cheerier version of Henry VII

kingcricket vii

Bob’s Die Hard with a Vengeance

Don’ think Bob Willis was in the best of moods today after the England result…


Cleaning windows

A tweet from Peter Hayter ” or @Athersmike to do his George Formby…?”  Yes please!

when athers cleaning windows


Do read Jarrod Kimber’s slightly sarky piece on BBL .  It does however contain the following horrific nightmare scenario..

cheerleader clarke

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Being Served

!That hair and shirt makes look like Molly Sugden.” tweets Sussex fan Chris Skinner.  True!  DT and Kevin Hand ARE the Mrs Slocombe and Miss Brahms  de nos jours

mrs slocombe rides again


Not Top Gear

“I’m sensing a @cecimasters special here – @Martycricket is trying to cast us in Top Gear now. @dtstwaddle reckons he’s May not Clarkson?!” tweets Kevin Hand.  Well possibly – what I AM sure of is that Marty is standing on a box


The Quiet Commentator

“. has never heard of the John Wayne film The Quiet Man – may have found Martin’s new nickname?! ” tweets Kevin Hand, Middlesex commentator.  I don’t know about that but I DO know about a cue for a film…