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All new Priscilla

Katy Scott, on tour in Aus, suggests a photoshop of George Dobell and Jarrod Kimber in Priscilla of the Desert… – apologies for the gratuitous Warnie but he does like to get in everywhere


Banana Man

“Who’s going to be the first to mock up Peter Siddle as bananaman?” asks  The Cricketer’s Daniel Brigham re the bowler’s 20-a-day habit.  Right…


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Dumb and Dumber Oz Style

See Dean Jones has joined Shane Warne in the spouting Ashes bullshit corner…

dumber oz style

Not so pretty

“James Hopes has never done anything pretty in his life, it’s really quite awesome. ” tweets cricket ballsy  Jarrod Kimber.  Well quite, not even a nice hat and hair extensions help

not so pretty


I suppose if David Warner is the pantomime villain (courtesy of Chris Stocks’ piece) then Joe is going to have to be the hero…


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RIP Mickey


rip mickey

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You Ain’t Got Mail

So sad to see the Aussie team in disarray. Hahahaha!

you aint go

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Moises Henriques’ tache?  “What on earth is that on his top lip? It’s straight out of Allo Allo” tweets Lizzy Ammon. “I think Henriques is singing “Don’t stop me now” under his breath.” tweets Gary Naylor

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“Is he fielding in a dress and pearls? #Klinger#MASH” tweets A Cricketing Buddha of Worcester’s Aussie Klinger.  An Aussie in drag?  Of course!


Grateful thanks to Rowan for explaining the MASH/Klinger reference…


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19/04/2012 1 comment

“Not sounding too promising for a resumption in Trinidad. Maybe they can settle it with a Ponting v Chanderpaul wrestle.” tweets Andy Zaltzman of the WI Aus test.  My money’s on Chanders…

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