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Notts Kingpin

“Always nice to beat @AlexHales1 at ten pin bowling!!” tweets Notts Luke Fletcher.  Film remake in the offing then?


Notts Pulp Fiction

03/07/2014 2 comments

Chrissy Aram thinks a madeover Alex Hales is a shoo-in for Catherine Zeta Jones.  True – but think I prefer the Uma Thurman Hales. Had to be done…


Incredible Fletch

“Good to see the notts lads starting well against the lancs lot. Luke fletcher is my hero by the way ” tweets Swann.  Incredible….

incredible fletch

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The Man in the Golden Helmet (definitely not by Rembrandt)

Intrigued to hear on the Notts v Yorks commentary that Luke Fletcher of Notts would like the Notts team in golden helmets for the T20… (with apologies to Rembrandt or his student who painted the original)

fletch in a Gold Helmet Rembrandt van Rijn

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Tooth fairy

“If this isn’t enough to put you off your tea nothing will be! @AlexHales1 tooth!!! ” tweets Notts Luke Fletcher.  Blimey!  Just imagine the Tooth Fairy that would attract…

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Notts Hobbit

Now back to the ‘shire’ for the weekend! “#landofthehobbits” tweets James Taylor….

Notts Knits (2)

The action men of Notts model leeeezure wear before their CB40 clash with Durham – beating them hands down on wigs’n’hats

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Notts Knits (1)

Hard day in the dirt for Notts today being pulverised by the mighty Durham.  Still – at least they have fantastic new modelling assignment for action men knitwear…

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Atomic Ant

“Get urselves down 2 the bridge 2morrow night4 the FLt20 amongst others James ‘the atomic ant’Taylor will b performing” tweets  fellow outlaw Ben.  Souvenir stall perhaps….

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Judge Dre

7 wickets for Andre Adams for Notts today.  Corker.  Superhero.


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