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The Sussex Barry Manilow

Chris Nash keeps comparing his opening T20  partner to Barry Manilow.  Do hope it’s the 1980s Barry and not the present day waxwork model….

the Sussex Manilow

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Alice revisited

“What a surprise tweedle dee (@chrisnash23) and tweedle dum (@lukewright204) both have the same FFootball points” tweets Scott Styris in Wonderland…

Alice revisited

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Sussex Blades

“Something about watching the figure skating that makes want to watch blades of glory again.” tweets Sussex’s Chris Nash.  A remake on the cards? and who better to co-star that Luke Wright?


Mash up

“Please can all men be like George Bailey. Or a Bailey/Luke wright mash-up. Thanks.” tweets Legside Lizzy.

“”if you put Clarke and Cook in a blender you’d have the perfect captain” -” tweets Michael Vaughan

A rematch between Warner and Root says I.


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Never gonna give you up…

Sussex’s Chris Nash tweets “@lukewright204 you remind me of rick astley”.  It’s the hair isn’t it?

luke astley

Sussex taches

Luke Wright muses on Rory Hamilton-Brown with tache… I think Sussex should make them obligatory.

sussex taches

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Nash’s Nice Knits

I see Luke Wright’s tweets suggest his team mate Chris Nash is not entirely up to date with his styling.  Is he jealous of Chris’s smart new range of fashion knitwear?


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Miss (W)right

“@lukewright204  Is that picture actually you? You look so pretty!!!!!!” tweets Mike Yardy.  As pretty as this?

luke wrightover

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The Return of Swannton Abbey

Huurah!  New series…



Do the wright thing

Terrific scoring by Luke Wright for the Melbourne Stars today.  117 in 60 balls.  Wallop.  Should be a film about it…